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HOMESTA EMF Protection Air Tube Headphones

HOMESTA EMF Protection Air Tube Headphones

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⚡️ Proven EMF Protection: Not just for music—these Air Tube Headphones are a health shield, rigorously tested to reduce EMF exposure by up to 97.5%. Listen with peace of mind, knowing you're protected.

🎧 Noise-Cancelling & Versatile: Perfect for your commute, home office, gym sessions and podcast marathons. Our noise-cancelling Air Tube Headphones, complete with a built-in mic, ensure your audio is always crisp and immersive.

💪 Ergonomic Design, Daily Comfort: Our EMF Protection Air Tube Headphones are designed for all-day comfort and fit. Our Air Tube Headphones contain 3 sizes of ear buds to ensure everyone has the perfect fit.

🌟 Wired Reliability, Universal Compatibility: Say goodbye to Bluetooth lags and endless charging. Our EMF protection wired Air Tube Headphones promise seamless audio with plug-and-play across devices—iPhones, Androids, tablets, and laptops.

💂 UK Craftsmanship: Proudly designed and tested in the UK, our Air Tube Headphones set the standard for quality and innovation in EMF Protection Headphones technology.

🔌 Important: For use on iPhones, an “Original Chip” 3.5mm jack to USB adapter is required for optimal sound quality. Cheap jack to USB-C adapters will suffer from a loss of sound quality.

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