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HOMESTA Red Light Therapy Cap

HOMESTA Red Light Therapy Cap

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  • 🔴【Red Light Therapy Hair】The HOMESTA cap leverages red and blue light laser therapy to stimulate hair growth, featuring 236 laser diodes for enhanced scalp circulation.  Effectively addressing alopecia, receding hairlines, and thinning hair.
  • 🔵【Healthy & Scientific Red Light Therapy Hair】Proven by clinical studies, the 462nm blue light kills bacteria, while the 630nm red light boosts metabolism and accelerates cell renewal for new scalp growth. 
  • ✋【Effective & Hands-free Laser Hair Growth】Superior to laser combs, this cap offers full scalp coverage, penetrating deep into the dermis for root-level stimulation of hair regrowth. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable, hands-free use, making it a convenient solution for red light therapy hair growth.
  • 💰【Cost-effective Red Light Therapy Hair】Avoid the high costs of clinical treatments with this affordable, at-home laser hair growth solution. It offers a significant saving opportunity while delivering similar, if not superior, hair regrowth results.
  • 📖【Instructions for Laser Hair Growth】For optimal outcomes, use the red and blue light therapy cap twice daily: morning and evening. Sessions should last 20-30 minutes under red light and 5-10 minutes under blue light, ensuring continued use for visible improvements in hair growth.
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